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Media & Advocacy

The strength of Inua Dada Foundation is on advocacy through various social media channels and mainstream media, where we bring all our work to life by inviting the public to engage on key social justice issues as well as carrying out campaigns aimed at amplifying Gender Equality discourse. We have reached 4 million people in 2021 alone. Our current media and advocacy programs are:

Inua Dada Voices

#InuaDadaVoices: Our Young Advocates Program mentors and trains young people on advocacy on social justice issues with a focus on Gender Based Violence, Gender Equality Amplification, Policy Dialogues particularly on policies designed to protect women and girls, Male Allyship and Leadership. 


#Ha2tasita: A clarion call led by our youth advocates, declaring action to progress gender equality for the next 26 years, moving forward from this 26th year (2021) since the Beijing Declaration and Platform For Action in 1995.


#ReWriteHerStory: In collaboration with Plan International and Citizen TV, Inua Dada Foundation captured the stories of young women in various informal settlements in Nairobi, who have gained knowledge and agency to combat GBV, Period Poverty and other social injustices that women and girls face daily in their communities. The series lives on mainstream and digital media.

Tandika Leso

#TandikaLeso: A push for access, agency and advocacy in the fight against menstrual injustice.

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