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Realizing the rights of the girl child

 A movement that keeps growing because the world keeps believing in us and our story.

About Us​

Our Foundation envisions a global community that empowers girls, upholds their dignity, and safeguards their rights from childhood through adolescence. We extend this support to their caregivers and communities as well, recognizing that menstrual equity requires a holistic, intergenerational approach. By uplifting girls and those around them, we can dismantle period stigma and ensure no girl is held back from unlocking her full potential.

Our Mission

To ensure the rights of the girl-child are protected by enhancing access to Sexual Reproductive and Health information. We aim to do this through a focus on menstrual equity, scaling to end period poverty and gender based violence, one girl at a time, to empower entire communities.

Our Vision

InuaDada envisions a global community that empowers, upholds the dignity of-and protects-the rights of all girls as they progress to positive womanhood.

Our Team

Our team is a passionate and multifaceted group dedicated to advancing menstrual equity globally. In addition to our tireless efforts in promoting access to menstrual products and breaking stigma, we are deeply committed to advocacy initiatives aimed at ensuring girls and women can lead dignified lives. Through our advocacy work, we strive to address systemic barriers and champion policies that uphold the rights and well-being of girls and women worldwide.